Help seniors be secure with Social Security

The end of a year always gets us curious about changes in the coming year that will affect clients.  Most of us who are producing regularly having a growing percentage of our client base who are retired or near retirement age.  And, topic #1 for most … [Read more]

Devil in details with kidney disease

Kidney disease is a red flag for insurance companies, but the devil is in the details regarding how it is treated by a carrier.  In simple terms, kidney disease is when the kidneys can no longer filter waste from the blood stream.  If left untreated … [Read more]

Don’t let good intentions go sideways

I think we overthink as agents.  And, no surprise… every day 25 emails show up in our inbox with great ideas.  Five best things to do here, 10 worst things to do there.  String six or seven emails like this together and pretty soon you have 50 things … [Read more]

Life Insurance for clients with COPD

COPD is a progressive disease in the lungs which by definition gets worse over time, even with ongoing treatment.  One of the many unfortunate parts of this disease is that is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States and one of the major … [Read more]

Ride Med Supps to bigger opportunities

Reading time: 7 minutes One of our agents in Arizona (Marty, who works through Bob Breibart) has found amazing success by using Medicare Supplements as the door opener to incremental sales using Services Offered and our Thumbprint View sales … [Read more]