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News from the blog

Life Insurance for clients with COPD

There are five questions that need to be answered to determine if life insurance for clients with COPD is a possibility.

Ride Med Supps to bigger opportunities

It’s easy to get distracted by the product sale in front of you and miss the bigger long-term opportunity.

Capitalize on complexity of Social Security

Social Security is a conundrum to most seniors. Help them sort it out and generate prospects in the process.

Learn more about how you can have your cake and eat it too

Solutions and support: compelling stuff for agents

Redbird Advisors agents help clients answer the questions that haunt them regarding their families, their own health and their ability to live out their days financially comfortable. We offer life, health and retirement solutions to help agents be the source to meet these important needs.


Our goal is to help agents expand the discussion:

  1. Open new doors by engaging in the customer’s needs without diverting the discussion from why you’re there,
  2. Expand the agent’s circle of influence and opportunity with a broader set of solutions that most agents simply won’t take the time to learn, and
  3. Pull customers closer so they won’t want another agent… ever.


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Rob W., Redbird Agent"Your mother warned you that you could only be as successful as the company you keep and this is particularly true for independent final expense sales representatives. Being independent means you have to work alone, but doesn’t mean you have to be alone. While I love the freedom of the independent lifestyle, I realize I don’t have all the answers. I get the right support I need from Redbird Advisors. They represent the leading insurance carriers, provide excellent sales and marketing tools and give me access to a helpful network of experienced professional independent agents. Don’t let being alone turn you into a “secret agent”. Let Redbird Advisors help you build a successful business."

Rob Woodard
Regional Manager, Southeast

Laura L., Redbird Agent"Red Bird Advisors is a top notch company to partner with and I am living proof. Everything from getting your business up and running to providing access to excellent lead sources they went above and beyond. I am finally an independent broker but I don't feel like I am doing this by myself."

Laura Lamarca

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